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LOKTOR Recording coming up

Ludescher Wilding Stabler - LOKTORBernhard Ludescher’s Fusion-Trio LOKTOR will record their first Album with apartment 42 productions during July 2014. Bernhard on keyboards, the ‚Two Toms‘, Thomas Wilding on electric bass, and Thomas Stabler on drums will perform groove-driven, interactive music with soul. Check out their videos on Youtube and Bernhard Ludeschers website.

Looking forward!

No Sync – it’s possible!

For some tunes of my last production ‚Von den Göttern weiss ich nichts‚, I needed some live-electronics. I had the idea to play and control those from the same computer I was recording with. I planned to use Pro Tools for the recording tasks and Ableton Live for the electronics. Running these two applications together and in sync with each other is quite normal, but those parts included some alteration of timing. I posted my thoughts on the respective forums and asked both, the Avid and Ableton support. All I got was guidelines how to sync the two DAWs – nobody had an idea how to actually avoid the sync, some didn’t get the problem at all.

Ableton Live & Pro ToolsOK, I just tried: When PT is running already and you start Live, you’ll be prompted with a dialog, that you should start the host again in order to make sync possible. I just ignored this an – miraculously – both apps seemed to just run on their own without any glitches. And on top of that, it is possible to connect both apps to the same interface, so that you can record with one and play back with the other on whatever channels you want.

So simple!

Monitoring Update

Harman Kardon SoundSticks IIIThe main monitors at apartment 42 are still the reliable KS Digital C-88 with their precise and well translating sound. For checking the sound in mono and with a kind of radio/mid-emphasized setting, an Avantone Active Mixcube comes in handy from time to time. The concept of this little speaker is, to have neither a high, nor a low end, and no crossovers at the same time. It sounds like your little radio receiver in the kitchen and allows for very accurate balancing of everything going on in the mid-range of your mix, along with a nice reality check.

New at the studio is a set of the prize-winning Harman Kardon Soundsticks. This 2.1 speaker system was designed to go along with your dektop computer and delivers the sound, most younger people might listen to nowadays. The original Soundsticks became part of the permanent collection at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Reality check once more.